DB / RedBeanPHP

Link to the official website and documentation: Link

RedBeanPHP is an ORM that generates the tables and columns at runtime. Thus, a very simple and fast development is possible as the database will be build in the background.

After the development, the database schema gets 'freezed' to ensure a performant database access to the production environment. All necessary data is configured in lib/config/db.php

To connect with a database, you just need to create a config file in the folder lib/config/db/ with the same name as your target-server (without http or www). If a db-config file is found, we try to connect. In this way we can have several database-configs for diffrent server (local, dev, live)

$_DB = array(
	"db_name" => "debug",
	"db_user" => "debug",
	"db_password" => "debug",
	"db_host" => "localhost",
	"db_freeze" => false // check redbeanphp docu