Oh, Hai...

if you are just looking for the code or the download, here is the github link


Of course, there is already one or the other PHP framework, however, im missing a lightweight, fast, flexible, beginner-friendly and transparent MVC framework.

This is where i started PLAIN_PHP, without much magic or configuration ("convention over configuration") but with all the basic functions you need in life. And everything in transparent PLAIN PHP.

When i started, the first thing i asked myself: what do i want to write, to see wich result.


PLAIN_PHP is designed in a Model-View-Controller architecture and could be a mixture of the wonderful PlayFramework (Java) and RoR (Ruby on rails).


To get started no additional config is needed, just unzip on your webserver and start.

// controllers/App.php
class App extends Controller {
    public static function index() {